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The Moscow Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church
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The Prophet Daniel Church Parish on Kantemirov,
the city of Moscow

The Prophet Daniel Church Parish on Kantemirov, the city of Moscow

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Peace be upon you from the Lord Almighty!

In November 2003 the Parish community for the construction of the Prophet Daniel Church on Kantemirov and the Mission Center Complex of buildings was created with the bless-ing of His Holiness Patriarch Aleksy II of Moscow and all Russia.

The Priest Daniel Sysoev (M.A. in Theology) was appointee as the head priest. The fa-ther Daniel is a teacher of the Perervensk Seminary and an author of several theological mission-ary works? such as "The Chronicle of the Beginning", "Hexaemeron against Evolution", "The Antropology of the Seventh-day Adventists and the Jehova's Witnesses", "The Protestant's Journey through the Orthodox Church", "In case you have not been baptized yet" and etc.

Temple of apostle Thomas on Kantemirov, the city of Moscow The issue of rehabilitation of the sect and cult victims is highly important in modern Rus-sia. The mental health disorders, drug addiction, alcoholism, computer game addiction are the consequences the false teachings leading to a personality degradation. Families, children and teenagers are suffering.

The Parish community under the Priest Daniel leadership is undertaking a vigorous activ-ity in the explanation of the Orthodox faith and its basis; in the rehabilitation of victims of false religions and totalitarian sects with the cult influences; in moral up bringing work with the youth and the rising generation.

The Community Parish work of the Prophet Daniel Church on Kantemirov and the Mis-sionary Center.

The scheme of a fare to a temple of apostle Thomas on Kantemirov 1. Public Social work program care for elderly and lonely people at their houses and at hospitals:
• care for children-orphants;
• establish the School for surviving for teenagers;
• set up a free of charge dining-hall, financed by donations and other forms of so-cial service.

Regularly (one time per week) a number of needy low-in-come families should be pro-vided with free food packages.

2. Rehabilitation of victims of the totalitarian and cult sects is carried out by the leading professionals in the field of medience, psychology and by the priests of the orthodox Church:
• medical and psychological counseling;
• Bible talks on Holy Scripture Studies;
• spiritual guidance and explanation of the delusions to the cult victims;

A Special Repentance Rite is performed for ex-members to come to the fold of the Rus-sian Orthodox with the blessing of His Holiness Aleksy II; preparation.

3. Missionary educational work:
• the Father Daniel Cathechisis talks on the basis of the Orthodoxy for those prepar-ing for the Sacrament of baptism;
• molebny services are performed to bring those who have fallen away from the Church back to light in Orthodoxy;
• Bible talks at the Missionary Center, at schools, at Community Colleges, at enter-prises;
• the Father Daniel TV performances where he presents the Church opinion on keen issues to the public;
• disputes with protestants and heterodoxs (adherents of moslems, Ali Viachesla-vovich Polosin in particular);
• cooperation with the public of other country regions; for example conferences in Kazan on the youth's education through the light of true Faith.

4. Pilgrimage service makes trips to the holy places of Russia.

5. The Parish community publishing work. The main direction of the publishing work is the following: to publish the literature of the missionary orientation and orthodox upbringing. Our last editions are:

"The Divine Revelation and the Modern Science", a series of prayer books "Pray inces-santly": "Prayers to drive out evil thoughts", "Prayers to drive out depression", "Prayers to the Holy Spirit"; "Orthodox study of religion: Islam, Buddhism, Judaism".


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Приход храма пророка Даниила на Кантемировской, г. Москвы.
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